I’m Natasha, and I’m on a week’s work experience at Jim Lawrence.  Shortly after I began the week, I was told that there would be a photo shoot coming up for the autumn launch in September and of course, I was excited about going and seeing what they get up to. I spent the day with the photography team and here’s a taste of what we did…


We promised we’d help tidy up later!


Sheena’s dog, Max, remained unphased by the situation….


Products for the kitchen scene

We arrived at the studio to meet Jim Lawrence’s regular photographer David Lam, and packed up the cars with boxes of products we needed for the shoot. We then headed off to Jim and Sheena’s house where the majority of the shoot would take place.

We began by unpacking stacks of boxes which contained the products we wanted to include in the kitchen scene. Despite the rush we had to get everything out in order to stay on track; of course to perfect a look, the shoot can sometimes take hours as I found out.

We emptied a corner in her kitchen and began to fill it with Sheena’s own, and Jim Lawrence products. This left the kitchen in quite a muddle, with Dave’s photography equipment, emptied boxes and kitchen utensils strewn over the table and floor.


Dave the photographer hanging the stunning Canterbury Lantern


Ready to be hung on the kitchen wall


Autumnal Fabrics

We were soon under way and in no time were ready to begin. This is a work in progress, but this Fabric Notice Board looks great on the wall with the Eleigh Wall Light as a spotlight above it.

Autumnal Fabrics

The team were introducing some lovely new fabrics to the range. Here you can see the beautiful Weymouth

Ticking Stripe and Cockerel Printed Linen draped over the table accompanied by the cushions in Red Iona Wool Mix and Grey Pitlochry Wool.

It wasn’t long before we moved outside and began to shoot the front door scene.


Dave photographing the finished product. I can’t wait to see the pictures later in the year!


I think this sums up the precision required to achieve a great shot! Dave and Sheena (Jim’s wife) are focusing on the lantern to ensure that it’s exactly the right height for the photograph. Luckily they are having lots of work done at the moment so the teams drilling and hanging didn’t make too much of a mess!

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