​It is beginning to get colder and the darker evenings are setting in. It is the time of year when i look around my home and want to redecorate everything in sight. I never have the funds or the time to take on such a mammoth project so I found a way in which you can cheat and give your room a new look in a simple but effective way…just add a bold splash of colur!

It is a great way to brighten your room and bring out any subtle accents of colour that already exist in your design. You could accomplish this by painting one of the walls of your room, however I prefer to choose a few carefully selected items to give the same feel.

Changing the colour of the light in the room could be one of those items. The Barbican pendants are a great example of bright and bold lights that inject colour into a room.


Add That Splash of Colour with the Barbican pendants

Adding a single strong colour that compliments the existing colours of your room could add the spark that was missing from your room. By adding other small accents of the same bold colour around the room could really make it come alive.


The Red Barbican Pendant

Perhaps by using new fabrics or wall art in addition to the light it could really create that new look you were hoping for.


A Child’s Bedroom Accented with Bold Red

Within this room the Barbican pendant is used to highlight the bedside table creating functional task lighting as well as adding that all important colour. The Burford cotton check bed linen keeps the red consistent as does the art work and ornaments dotted about the room. The fabrics used within the blinds and the curtains extend the red theme in a more subtle fashion within the stripes and stars of the Hudson Stripe and Funky Star.

If you don’t like the idea of adding one bold colour to create your new look, there are many other ways to re-design your room.


Cushions in Pink

Re-covering your cushions or introducing cushions altogether is a great way to add a new feel to a room. Perhaps you are looking for a more floral theme or even a vintage feel; fabrics are a wonderful way to bring your designs to life as they are so versatile.


A Group of Shades Varying in Colour, Design and Shade


Shades are another quick way to introduce your chosen theme in an un-fussy, simple way. Shades can be many many shapes, sizes, colours and designs and adding a lamp or two to a large room could not only bring in extra light but allow further injection of style. Why not have a play around on the new Jim Lawrence shade builder and see what you can come up with for your home.

If you have any other quick tips to brighten or re-design a room, please comment below or let us know on twitter. We would love to see picture of your new home designs!


coloured-pandants BLUE AND RED STAR COTTON  SFHSPG-1

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