Our workshops are the hub of Jim Lawrence and you will find over 60 skilled welders, painters and engineers inside. This does mean that we have our fair share of male employees, so it was a breath of fresh air when the lovely Jemima came to join the workshop team!

workshop handmade suffolk

“Arriving on the first day to a workshop of men and only men couldn’t have been more daunting. However, I did know this… so I had vague ideas of what my new workshop working life would be like. Banter filled chat from the lads who sat outside on tea and lunch break.”

Jemima was the second girl to join the workshop team EVER and although it was a daunting thought for them to be working amongst an all-male team – we think it may have been just as daunting for the men, having a female alongside them!

“I cut materials on the saw, cut chains to length using a handheld electric cutter, sand off burs, drilled holes, hammer pieces of metal flat and most importantly I welded. I had a 4 day induction to welding involving practicing on scrap pieces of metal which was required. After that I was taken under Mervs wing to be his ‘apprentice’ as he called me! I did several handy jobs with him around the offices and workshop, including making tables, making frames for welding curtains, making pole stands etc. All very hands on and involving lots of manual labour however – a different job everyday which was what was great about the job.”

Jemima was given the same jobs as many of the men in the workshop and she got stuck in from day one. It was fantastic to see the bond between Jemima and the rest of the team blossom as the months went on.


Jemima and The Team

“When I asked the lads what they thought about having me there, they said it was just something different and more interesting and the fact that I joined in with their banter and we all got along. Working with all of them – I found myself laughing as they joined in to the chorus of famous songs that belted out on the various radios.”

Workshops are no longer a place where women are just the recipient of a wolf whistle! Girl power is stronger than ever and it has been fantastic having Jemima in the team and we hope that it will encourage many more women to get dirty and give it a try. If you would like to join the Jim Lawrence workshop team then please feel free to drop me a line at clare.mayhew@jim-lawrence.co.uk



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