After six weeks of putting up shelving, designing the signs & postcard mailers, filling the room full of lovely products and pricing each and every one – we were ready! The doors opened at 10am on Friday 27th and our two days of fun began. All the staff involved were feeling a mixture of emotions from nervous to extremely excited.

So 10am struck and I watched on from the payment room (I had a perfect view!) and for the first 10 minutes it was a just continuous flow of people coming in – I could not believe my eyes! We all expected the sale to be a busy event because it is not something we have ever offered before but the amount of people was such a pleasant surprise.
I had my first sale at 10:15 which I was slightly apprehensive about because we had been pre-warned that the new chip and pin machines (purchased especially for the sale) did not pick up very good signal. Sure enough, they did not work – all day! By the time I had managed to get a computer up and running to process the sales, the queue was 20 minutes long. Despite this, I have to say all of our customers were unbelievably lovely and patient – we really can’t thank you all enough! I was being told by everyone I served that the sale room was getting fuller and fuller which really was music to all of our ears. Not only were we full of customers in the sale area but the showroom was also flooded with people – they were even queuing outside the front door.
The next time I looked at the clock it was 14:30 and all the sales staff were treated to some delicious sandwiches from Jim and Sheena which went down a treat I have to say. The second half of the day started to die down a little and all the sales staff really enjoyed having more of a chat and a giggle with the customers, and we particularly enjoyed having a nose at all of the great bargains people were grabbing. I had my eye on a beautiful Higham Lamp in Clay which I am sad to say was sold fairly early on – not surprised!

Apart from the slight hiccup with the chip and pin machines, the day was a huge success and really good fun. We soon made a start with replenishing stock for the next day and having an overall tidy up. It was so nice to meet so many of our customers across both days of the sale and if you came along we really hope you love all of your bargains and we hope to see you in sunny Suffolk very soon.

If you came to our sale and would like to tell me about your experience then I would love to hear from you. Just send me an email to

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