What exactly is our Antiqued Brass finish? Is it Lacquered? These are questions that many of our customers ask, so we thought we would stop you wondering any further and discuss the beauty of this amazing material.

If we look back over the years of craftsmanship of brass furnishings then you will see that brassware never used be lacquered. The Victorians kept it highly polished and you would often see the beautifully gleaming door knockers and letter plates on approach to their front doors. If you never polished your un-lacquered brassware then eventually it would tarnish naturally.

So, what is different about our brassware? Well we love that beautiful aged look so much and we want brass to be exactly how our forebears produced it and that is without lacquer! So, we take our solid brass and treat it with an antiquing solution which simply speeds up the natural tarnishing process. This means that your brass lights and door handles not only arrive with a subtle tarnished look but will also age along with you, your family and home.

Bromley Handle in Antiqued Brass

Why would you choose lacquered brass? Well this has come about to suit our modern lifestyle as it believed that it requires zero upkeep. However, don’t be fooled as even the highest quality lacquer and brass can start to tarnish over time – especially if it is an item of heavy use such as a door handle. In fact, having brassware that is not lacquered is easier to maintain as there truly is zero upkeep, you simply let it age and it will reward you with a beautiful natural tarnished look. This means that it truly is the best metal for external use as it is completely non-corrosive. Therefore, our external brass lights such as the beautiful Ship’s Light and our brand-new Bulkhead Light will stand the test of time no matter what the British weather throws at it.

antiqued brass knocker

Heart Door Knocker in Antiqued Brass

Whether you are looking to create a beautiful first impression with our Brass Heart Door Knocker or bring sophistication into the home with the stunning Brass Ava Pendant – our Antiqued Brass finish will not disappoint.

We would love to see our Antiqued Brass is your home. Please send any images to press@jim-lawrence.co.uk.

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