Enjoy an authentic country interior by inviting metallic copper tones into your home. A striking accent colour for lighting fixtures and fittings, unlike a classic silver or a bold gold, copper lends a subtle blush warmth to your decor. Our Heritage Copper is a natural durable metal with a stunning patina that looks fabulous in period and modern homes alike.

Our Fulbourn’s, Ava’s, Walcot’s and Holborn’s are all available in a copper finish, which paired with our hand blown glass shades creates a bright and airy sense of space whilst maintaining a popular metallic accent that you can match with the finer details in your home.

The fluted hand blown glass of the Fulbourn is a striking choice, creating the illusion of softness whilst still illuminating your space with its warm white light.

Our popular teardrop Ava looks gorgeous in any room. The blush tones of our copper adds further interest to this already sought-after shade.

A go-to for kitchens and dining rooms, the Walcot would look wonderful teamed up with a display of authentic copper pots and pans in a traditional country home.
Keep it simple. The crisp clear sphere of the Holborn shade keeps your space feeling open and light,

A home needs balanced lighting, so why not choose a solid spun shade to compliment a pendant within your home? If hand blown glass isn’t right for you, a full copper shade is perfect for a room than needs a focal point.

For rooms that need a lift in hard to reach places, our copper Curtis Spot Lights are a practical, modern choice that still blend effortlessly into a period room.

Copper fittings look fabulous when matched together, creating a chic uniform look with their soft, buffed patina. Combine neutral linen with copper detailing such as handles, switches and sockets for a natural earthy look. LINEN – allowing for a perfect modern country marriage when paired with the rustic nature of our heritage copper metalwork.

Our Heritage Copper products are created by our team of craftsmen who hand finish each solid copper piece with an antiquing solution to accelerate the natural process of tarnishing. This process produces our beautifully soft, heritage finish suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A free metal swatch is available on request if you need a little help to decide!

As our Heritage Copper products use natural, un-lacquered copper, it will continue to age and develop a darker dull patina over time in your home. This is particularly hastened in damp or harsh outdoor environments. To decelerate this aging process we recommend applying a good quality metal cleaning solution to the tarnished areas. Simply work the cleaning solution in by rubbing briskly with a soft cloth and then buff the copper to restore its original lustre. Please note that chemical polishes can strip away the original antiquing solution too so take care to use cleaning products sparingly to retain the aged heritage look of the product.

We are very proud of the quality of our workmanship and designs that we feel highlight the skill of our metal workers and their ability to make products that suit both contemporary and period properties. To learn more about how to take care of all of our unique finishes, click here.

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