Co-founder and stylist of Surrey-based Heritage Park Interiors, Linda Park of @nestandcovintage is also renovating their own 18th century home room by room. Characterised by muted tones and inviting hints of Jim Lawrence brass, this home is one to watch.

Please tell us about your beautiful home. What drew you to this property, and when did you move in?

We moved in at the beginning of 2022 after our search to find a house with the potential to renovate and create a home for our family. I was drawn to the original features and the architectural design of the house which was built in 1890. The house is surrounded by trees and has a large garden for my boys to enjoy and where we love to entertain friends and family in the warmer months.

Heritage Park Interiors was founded last year by yourself and designer Karen Heritage, offering design services and even sourcing vintage pieces for the home. How did you come to start the business?

We meet through selling antique and vintage homewares and immediately bonded over our shared interest of interiors. I had a large client base both here and in the US and Karen had an established design studio, so we wanted to combine our experience and expertise to create interiors with a timeless appeal using antique and vintage pieces. We have lots in common, yet bring different strengths to the business so we work well as a team sharing creative ideas with clients on how to incorporate antiques and vintage pieces in a space. We love to source time-worn pieces with a story, and you will often find us at antique markets and fairs around the country hunting for beautiful furniture, homewares and artwork that will add character and charm to interiors.

Your own home features carefully considered treasures throughout, where do you source these unique and reclaimed items?

Many of the pieces in my home are one-of-a-kind items sourced during my many trips to antique and vintage fairs and brocantes. Over the years I have established close relationships with traders and have direct sources for many of the pieces. I have also found antique and vintage treasures online, at charity shops and car boot sales, as well as during travels to Slovakia where I am originally from.

Why is sourcing vintage important to you?

 I love how unique the pieces are and how it creates a bespoke look in a room scheme with lots of charm and character. Vintage pieces have a story to tell and were often crafted using techniques that make them harder wearing and longer lasting than their modern counterparts. Sustainability is ingrained in my approach and our business practices at Heritage Park Interiors so it’s important to reuse and repurpose what already exists to reduce landfill waste and minimise our environmental impact for future generations. An heirloom piece of furniture doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

We love seeing our lighting thoughtfully placed amongst your antique finds. How important is it to balance the old and new?

So important! Antique and vintage pieces have a history that brings a sense of nostalgia and ground a room, but there are certain antique items such as lighting where it can be difficult to find matching pairs. This is where I find the Jim Lawrence range works perfectly alongside older finds. The Jim Lawrence lights have a timeless design and high-quality finish which blends so well with antique pieces.

When first designing a room (for a client or yourself), how big a role does the lighting play?

Lighting is one of the key components of interior design. At Heritage Park Interiors we always specify different forms of lighting in a design scheme including table lamps, floor lamps, pendants, and wall lights to give definition to a space and create ambience. Distributing light around a room makes it feel larger and creates zones for different activities. Lampshades add texture and softness to a room, so we often add them in kitchens to counteract the harder surfaces.

Each of your rooms are layered with natural, rustic, textures with sparing use of colour, save for natural greens. What is the benefit of bringing the outside in?

I always have a bunch of fresh flowers in my main living areas and enjoy displaying large branches in vintage pots around my house. I find it so relaxing and calming to bring nature indoors. Our designs at Heritage Park Interiors take into consideration the principles of biophilia and the connection between nature and wellbeing. Being indoors so much, we can all benefit from being closer to nature whether it’s a view from a window or a simple floral display in our homes.

Do you have any advice for others who wish to implement a simpler, more thoughtful approach to decorating their own homes?

Creating a home takes time, so try not to rush it and enjoy the process as much as you can. Start by decluttering and looking around to see what pieces you love and need in your home; less is often more! Move furniture and artwork around your home, what doesn’t work in one room might be perfect in another space. I always create a neutral palette as a backdrop and layer with furnishings and textures to create cosy, timeless spaces.


What are your plans for Heritage Park ?

As a newly established company, we have big plans! Foremost to exceed the needs of our clients and share our passion for sustainable, timeless interiors with others. We would love to collaborate with like-minded companies and champion antique and vintage interiors along with designing our own product range with longevity and quality at the forefront.

A few quick-fire questions…

What’s the staple homeware piece that everyone needs?

It is so hard to choose just one, but I would have to say linen fabric. I use it throughout my home as it is hard wearing, sustainable and adds a natural texture to a room.


Which is your favourite room of the house?

My hallway as I love the spacious entry and character of the front door and leadlight windows. It is the first impression people get when welcoming them into my home and is an indication of my relaxed, timeless style.

Your favourite Jim Lawrence product?

The Brooke wall lights in antique brass, they are a timeless design and instantly elevate a room. I love the simplicity of these lights while still making a statement. The neutral shade adds texture and works perfectly in my home paired with the artwork and decor.

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