The Portabello Table Lamp had an audience with royalty recently when it graced the dinning tables for HRH Prince Phillip and the Cutty Sark Trustees. A dinner was held to celebrate a new chapter for the Cutty Sark after its refurbishment following a fire in 2007 that devastated the famous ship.


The Striking Portabello Table Lamp at the Cutty Sark

The Portabello was used as the centre piece for the occasion. It was able to fully match the grandeur of the venue and assisted in the creation of a splendid atmosphere.


The Cordless Portabello Table Lamp

The Portabellos featured here were fitted with a re-chargeable iPowerlite created by an innovative local company here in Suffolk ( This rather clever system modified the table lamp into a cordless light, leaving the table settings clear of ugly wires and cables. Innovative lighting and splendid royal settings -that’s got to be worth a ‘Jim Lawrence Loves’ seal of approval!

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