We absolutely love seeing our lights in their new homes, therefore we especially loved when lots of our products were spotted in this beautiful contemporary bar in Clapham. The Bank is set in a stunning Grade II listed building and one of our lovely customers got in touch to let us know that they have many of our lights on display. We found some fantastic images online and we just had to share them with you…


Featuring: Highgate Pendant in Antiqued Brass

We love this picture so much. It really captures how stunning the Highgate Pendant is – it is a fantastic light for creating a bold statement. We especially like how fantastic the antiqued brass finish looks with the light reflecting off.


This image features three of our lights, which all look superb together. We love the unique arrangement of the braided cable in a loop on our very sweet Boathouse Pendants (pictured closest). This image really showcases the size of our Highgate Pendant – it looks great! If you are looking very closely, you may well have spotted the third light of ours – Cheltenham Wall Light. You can see them on the far wall (either side of the window). It is really great to see these lights in a restaurant environment. They are often used in bathrooms however this just shows how versatile our lights can be.



If you have spotted our lights anywhere then we would really love to hear from you, simply email us at press@jim-lawrence.co.uk. You can find these images on The Bank website >>



antiqued brass light pendantAntiqued brass boathouse pendant lightantiqued brass glass bathroom wall light