Plug sockets may seem like a small detail, but they play an instrumental role in the functionality of our daily lives. From charging our phones to powering our appliances, plug sockets are essential in every home. With our renowned attention to detail, we craft and hand finish a variety of styles to suit each room of the house. From bathroom shaver sockets, dual USB options for bedrooms and floor sockets for living areas, we have something for every style.


When considering socekts for a kitchen, think about the electrical items that you regularly use on a worktop level, as well as the more heavy duty items where you might need something like a cooker switch to separate the heavy load of appliances. Our most popular 13amp Plug Sockets are available in a number of finishes to match your lighting scheme. Perfect for plugging in your kettles, toasters and the like, these sockets have a simply elegant look; bringing the flair that a plain plastic socket is missing.

13 amp plug socket jim lawrence

For your Cooker Socket, our 45amp designs feature neon on/off indicators for safety and maintenance purposes. Choose from double or single options to best suit your space.
cooker switch and socket jim lawrence


A lack of plug sockets can be frustrating in a bedroom, particiularly now many of us use mutiple gadgets that need to be charged up. Though we think the bedroom should be a source of calm and a space to wind down in, it’s true that overnight charging is a practicality and we often like to have our phones to hand (or at least in sight!) A traditional double socket by the bed side might suit some, but these are often reserved for cosy table lamp lighting. To avoid a tangle of cables in your sleeping area, we recommend other charging points in the room that have handy dual USB ports for your convenience. Perfect for charging phones, cameras and all your electrical devices.

dual USB plug socket jim lawrence


We have found that making a feature out of the quirks of period homes is often the best way to enjoy them. ⁠ A hinged design that fits into the floor, this 2 Gang Floor Socket is the dreamy modern rustic detail you might not have thought of, but now know you need.⁠ A great solution when you don’t want wires stretching around the room or have limited wall space, you can enjoy floor or table lamps in more central spots around the room, or use them for other portable accessories.⁠

floor socket jim lawrence

When considering your home’s electrical scheme, it is easy to get lost in the myriad of socket types that are available, so we always recommend speaking to a qualified electrician about your requirements first. We can create a bespoke media socket comprised of HDMI or audio outlets, TV modules and USB ports. Learn more about cosntructing your own bespoke Media Socket here.

bespoke media socket jim lawrence


Bathroom sockets might seem like an afterthought when you’re dreaming up your ideal bathroom décor. Wall colour and lighting may oftencome first , but our Shaving Sockets are a practical and pretty solution to make sure every element of your bathroom is beautifully presented throughout. Our beautifully handcrafted, dual supply 240/115V Shaver Socket comes in four finishes with the option of a bevelled or hammered backplate to match your switches and light fixtures as desired.

bathroom shaver socket jim lawrence


Discover our collection of round pin sockets for something a little different. These designs are most commonly used on a lighting circuit for table or floor lamps that you wish to operate from a wall switch instead of turning off individually. We make 2 and 5amp options for this purpose.

round pin socket jim lawrence


We would love to see pictures of your lighting scheme. Tag your images on Instagram with #JimLawrenceMade or email to so we won’t miss out on seeing how you style your Jim Lawrence products. We love seeing our lights and accessories in their new homes.