We are often asked how we would recommend our customers care for their Jim Lawrence products so we thought it might be helpful to touch upon a few of our finishes and provide some hints and tips to keep your products looking at their best.



Antiqued Brass

Barbican Pendant in Antiqued Brass


This is our most popular finish and deservedly so. We create this beautiful look by treating our solid brass with an antiquing solution. This solution simply speeds up the natural tarnishing process and means that you are able to take home a truly aged brass product from day one.


TIP: If you are wishing to slow down the natural tarnishing process then we recommend regular polishing with a good quality brush and a soft cloth. One thing we do have to warn our customers about is that chemical polishes may strip away the original antiquing solution too so take care.



Stoke Latch in Beeswax


This finish is truly unique, and if you are looking for a traditional wrought iron look then this is the one for you. The beeswax technique is something that has been used by craftsmen since Tudor times. Each piece is heated in our workshop until the steel darkens and then dipped into hot natural beeswax.


TIP: This finish is one that does require some light maintenance to retain the unique traditional look and feel. To avoid any unsightly corrosion occurring we advise that you apply a fresh coat of pure natural beeswax with a lint free soft cloth every 3 – 6 months.


We must mention that this finish is not suitable for outdoors or bathroom use.


Heritage Copper

Exeter Pendant in Heritage Copper

Copper is a huge trend in interiors and we were excited to launch our beautiful Heritage Copper finish last year to reflect this. Each copper piece is hand finished with an antiquing solution to give this modern finish our staple Jim Lawrence traditional touch.


TIP: Much like the Antiqued Brass finish, our Heritage Copper products use natural, un-lacquered copper. This means that it will continue to age and tarnish over time within your home. If you would like to decelerate this aging process then a handy tip is to use a good quality metal cleaning solution on those tarnished areas. Rub this in briskly with a soft cloth and then buff the copper to restore its original beauty.

We know it is a tough decision deciding on which finish to go for, which is why you can request a free metal swatch of any finish. Alternatively, our sales team not only see all the finishes on a daily basis but also are extremely knowledgeable on which ones work best in certain environments. So, please do not hesitate to give them a call on 01473 828176 for any advice.



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