Transform your space with the perfect lighting design for your sloped or vaulted ceiling. Whether it’s a show-stopping pendant or cleverly-positioned spotlights, there are plenty ways to highlight this unique architectural feature whilst providing ample visibility.


Elevate the room with a statement pendant light and let your vaulted ceilings take centre stage. No matter the preferred style of your room, we have designed and made a multitude of lighting options to adequately light your sloped ceiling in typical JL fashion. Choose from handblown glass shades if you wish to reflect light back into the room rather than providing a visual stop, or sturdy metal designs in a range of colours that fill the height with a striking silhouette.


With our customary attention to detail, we have designed this ingenious little ceiling hook so that you can position your pendant in the perfect spot, no matter where the ceiling rose and wiring are situated. To complete the look and help you with your repositioning, we offer additional braided cable lengths on many of our pendants – simply call our helpful sales team for more information.


Say goodbye to dark corners and hello to focused illumination: spot and track lighting not only adds a modern touch but also ensures a well-lit space. A popular choice for sloped ceilings, a spotlight fixed in two’s or three’s is a great way to ensure perfect symmetry whilst lifting those hard-to-reach areas in the rafters.


You can still weave wall sconces into your scheme. Wall lighting will not flood the room with light, but depending on placement can highlight certain zones with clever washes of light upwards to open the area. Wall lights are perfect for supplementing the pendants or spotlighting use to light your higher ceiling so that the rest of the room is considered too.


Fitting hanging pendant lights from a sloped ceiling is generally not an issue as the pendants will hang straight regardless of the angle of the ceiling rose or track. If you have a high ceiling, you may need to extend the length of the cables to account for this, and in some cases – if your sloped ceiling is particularly steep, or if you want them to hang at the apex of your ceiling (where the slopes meet at the top) – you may need to make adjustments to the ceiling fitting to account for the slope. If possible, we recommend fitting the lights 3ft away from a wall to minimise any harsh shadows.


It is important to consider how you are going to change the bulbs if you have a pendant hanging from a high vaulted ceiling as it will become very expensive if you need to hire a scaffold tower every time a bulb requires changing. Firstly, we’d recommend you invest in LED bulbs as they have a very long life – usually around 25,000 hours – so will not need changing often.

A light that can be accessed by a ladder will make changing the bulbs a lot easier, as would be one that could be reached by the upper floors if you have a galleried landing. If your light will be totally out of reach, another option is to consider installing a specialist winch or hoist. There are a number winches on the market which will enable you to lower your light fittings to the desired level for maintenance to be carried out in total safety. Most are fairly compact and can be easily fitted between joists.


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