Fable Interiors is an interior design studio based in the picturesque town of Royal Leamington Spa. Experienced in renovating listed builings, it’s no wonder that owner Harriet Sinclair-Wilson is drawn to the heritage style of Jim Lawrence.

Fable interiors specialise in complete renovation and project management, helping clients to create bespoke interiors that suit individual requirements whilst embodying Harriet’s signature look: refreshed, elegant and ultimately timeless.

You started out owning the rather lovely Fable Interiors retail store for 6 years, so you are no stranger to homeware! Can you tell us a little bit about how your design studio came to be?

Whilst owning my retail store I found a lot if customers asked if I offered interior design services. I have always been very passionate about interior design and applied for a course that I could work through online. Once graduated I set up the interior design side of the business and ran a couple of competitions offering my services for free to trial the process and gain clients feedback.

We first connected via Instagram after you shared a beautiful boot and utility room featuring our lighting and hardware which is part of a larger Georgian Townhouse that Fable Interiors designed. We’d love to talk more about this project and why you chose to use so much JL throughout the property.

This was a full service complete renovation project, where we stripped back the property and refurbished throughout over a period of one and a half years. My clients were a family of 5 and our brief was to renovate tactically and in keeping with the period features, but also to create a future proof family home for modern living.

I have always loved JL lighting and used their products in projects previously. However my clients had recently visited the showroom and also fell for their designs. JL products are designed with a perfect mix of traditional and modern elements, so it was a great match.

Kitchen lighting is by far the largest draw for our customers, with interest showing no signs of waning! The shaker style kitchen you put together for the Georgian home is light and spacious but nonetheless very homely with warm brass accents. From a designers perspective, what can people do to elevate their kitchen from a good room to a great one?

Choosing the right hardware is so important when designing a kitchen and can really help to add interest and depth. Think about what finish your appliances have and choose your door knobs, taps and lighting accordingly. For me, I love to mix two or three different metals as I feel it’s a great way to create a homely look in a space that is essentially full of hard materials. For example, if you have a stainless steel range cooker, it might be nice to use antique brass door handles to warm the space, and choose a pendant light with a matching brass ceiling rose to tie everything together.

How do you help your clients to bring a touch of their own personality into the home?

I like to think about my clients lifestyles and what might be beneficial for them and the people they live with. I work with a variety of people and properties, from a retired couple who are renovating their new home in a town centre to a young family living in the countryside. Their requirements and aspirations will be completely different from one another.

Whilst working with my clients, I get to know what they are passionate about and what brings them joy, I will refer back to our conversations and think about what I can incorporate into the details or accessories in a space.


We were thrilled to spot a mention of the use of natural materials, fair-trade products and sustainability as a passion on your website. How can everyday people bring this message home with them and work into their décor?

I believe that less is more with accessories and buying quality items that you really love is a great place to start. There are some great companies that source beautiful fair-trade and sustainable homewares. Buying second hand furniture is also becoming more and more convenient.

Our favourite home in your portfolio has got to be the Grade II Listed Georgian house in Warwickshire mentioned above. Have you got one job that will always come to mind as your favourite project?

I loved working on this project too. I’m currently working on a family home in the Warwickshire countryside, that I am so excited about. The direction we are taking is right up my street and I can’t wait for it to be finished in around a years time and I think it will be a favourite for sure.

What advice can you give to those passionate about interiors but not quite knowing where to start on their own home re-design? Do you have a go-to for sourcing inspiration?

I would say that it is very important to know the direction you want to take before you start purchasing or booking in tradespeople. Take time to research different looks and read interior magazines for inspiration. This will save you both time and money in the long run and the outcome will be more harmonious.

Do you have one key piece of styling advice that you can share with us?

Books are so useful and something most people have already. There are so many different ways you can use them for styling. Stacked upright on a bookcase, lying flat with a vase on top to add height, or on a coffee table, they are so versatile and great to add a personal touch.

A few quick-fire questions…

What are your top tips for making a house a home?

To create a home that feels inviting and welcoming, try to use different natural materials, such as linen, cotton, wool and wood. By doing this your home will have more depth and will feel cosy.

What’s your favourite room to design?

Living rooms are always fun, they are used for so many different events through the year and I like to design them with these important dates in mind, such as Christmas, birthdays and so on.

What’s the staple homeware piece that every house needs?

A throw or bedspread.

Your favourite Jim Lawrence product?

Fisher wall light: so versatile.

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Grantham Wall Light in Antiqued Brass, Portland Floor Lamp in Old Gold, Romana Pendant Light in Old Gold, Fisher Wall Light in Antiqued Brass