When it comes to choosing the perfect lighting for our homes, many people have previously put practicality as the number one priority and the look and beauty would more often than not fall to second place.

We have seen the trends change dramatically over the years and it seems that many of us are now searching for something both equally beautiful and practical and we do not seem to be stopping at just the one essential light – hence the birth of our beautiful multi pendant lighting.

So many of our customers would love our products in a row of two or three above their kitchen islands however it would be a little tricky with all that extra wiring! So we have made life much simpler with our Track Multi Pendants.

multi pendant track

Holborn Triple Track

These provide a fantastic option for extra lighting whilst discretley using just one electrical ceiling entry point. This not only looks fantastic but you may have a much happier electrician!

We heard such great feedback on these pendants that it led us to start thinking where we could take the multi pendant light next? We thought about those large stairwells, hallways and landings that were crying out for some beautiful lighting and it was then that we decided to launch the Ceiling Pendant Rose.

multi pendant

Holborn Multi Pendant Ceiling Rose

These are an elegant alternative to the straight track and they provide the option to adjust the heights of all three pendants. They are perfect for flooding those large spaces with light whilst making a bold statement.

After popular demand, our most recent launch is the Ava Ceiling Rose Pendant. The Ava Pendant (who has two sisters; Orla & Mia) has been our most loved pendant to date and we just could not resist turning it into a multi pendant – what do you think?

multi pendant

Ava Ceiling Multi Pendant Rose

Do you have any of our multi pendants in your home? We really would love to see them! Feel free to send any images to press@jim-lawrence.co.uk