The Jim Lawrence team would like to wish Victoria Brock, from our sales team, lots of luck with her first ever book signing this coming weekend, 3rd August from 11am-3pm, in Waterstones Bury St Edmunds.


Victoria with her book in the Showroom

Victoria has written ‘Harriet the Hedgehog’ in aid of the charity Starlight Children’s Foundation. This charity is a small charity that grants wishes for seriously and terminally ill children. Victoria was inspired to write ‘Harriet the Hedgehog,’ her first book, when her twin nieces were diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia within a week of one another in 2009. They had three years of treatment and their strength, determination and courage has been inspirational and she is now pleased to say that they are both happy healthy eight year olds.

Harriet the hedgehog is about a hedgehog who doesn’t have any spikes and is embarrassed to go out because she feels different from the other hogs. However, on her first day of school she realises that she may look slightly different but she is just the same as the other hogs and isn’t treated any differently. It was written at a time when Victoria’s nieces did look a little different from the other children in their class.


Victoria’s First Edition of ‘Harriet the Hedgehog’

The next book in the pipeline, ‘Harrison the Hedgehog,’ features a hedgehog who cannot roll up into a ball. The next big project is to publish the books in colour, and I will be working with Victoria to do this. On Saturday there will be a display of the different ideas we have had on how to colour the book, and everyone will be able to vote on which style they like best. We will then use this style in the colour editions that are planned for the near future. You can also vote online, we would love to know which style you prefer: bold and colourful, or subtle and soft. Just give us a nod in the comment box below.


Bold and colourful


Subtle and soft

The books are currently for sale in our showroom at £6 each, with £1 of all sales going to Starlight. Victoria has her own Facebook page on  and website at.

Victoria is also planning to write more stories after these two, so watch this space: we
have a budding children’s author in our midst!!!